Behind every great executive is a great assistant.

An assistant in name only, you are the organiser, the sounding board, a buffer and the manager of priorities and time. It is not easy, and it is a space that can be lonely at times. But it does not have to be that way.

Imagine a confidential environment that offers connections with like-minded people, giving you the ability to share, develop and talk openly with professionals of your high calibre.

Welcome to The EA Circle, a unique forum consisting of executive and personal assistants who face the same challenges and share the same goals as you, and are here to help each other grow personally and professionally. Find out more >

The EA Circle is an invitation only membership organisation. Register your interest to find out more >

“I would highly recommend The EA Circle to any senior assistant who is looking for that next step in challenging themselves and developing their status in the corporate world.”
“The EA Circle is a fantastic professional development experience. The EA Circle provides an opportunity to be encouraged by other EAs in a friendly and completely confidential environment. I highly appreciate the learnings I have gained from both guest speakers and from the other EAs.”
“The EA Circle has proved invaluable for me as a forum where I can exchange ideas, confidentially discuss any issues that might be on my mind and get advice and suggestions from other EAs in the same or similar position.”

Why Join?

You are busy, and don’t always have the time or ability to step back and consider all the options or take a different point of view.

A different perspective and a wealth of experience is here for the taking. The EA Circle exists to help you navigate your career, develop your professional skills and manage the often precarious work-life balance presented by such a demanding role.