The EA Circle Wed, 12 Oct 2016 17:12:33 +0000 en-AU hourly 1 ‘Business Community’ and what does it really mean? Wed, 21 Oct 2015 20:52:18 +0000 What is a true “business community”? When you search for business community on Google, a wide variety of results are returned. Some of them are current affairs that affect the business community; others offer advice and insights to help business owners overcome obstacles. The only common thread that is shown is that business community is used to loosely define a group of like-minded individuals that represent the business sector.

The term business community has been widely used by the media to categorise the business sector in an easily digestible way. This can be considered as positive as it gives the business community a podium to speak from about issues that affect them, however it doesn’t really lead to the true meaning of the ‘community’, or why it is important.

Being a part of the business community is to be a member of a vibrant part of society that offers a place for support and advice. As a member of the business community there are many great ways you can become an active participant. You can join an industry body, attend networking events or participate in LinkedIn discussions. Through actively participating, you can help strengthen your networks, leading to further opportunities that can assist with your long-term business goals. It’s also a strong platform to offer mentorship to others who need guidance.

Of course, activity is one part of what the ‘business community’ means, so is influence. When a group of individuals come together, particularly from the business sector – they have the opportunity to influence. The business community is able to form a united front and voice their concerns when issues arise. An example of a unity can be seen in recent debates over the parent levy that was to be applied to 3000 of the country’s largest employer for the now shelved Paid Parental Leave Scheme (PPL). Being a part of this community allows for you to be influential. In a country like Australia that is relatively prosperous, the business community plays a key-role in forming policy and procedures that directly affect its growth and operation. To have a direct connection on how policy is formed is one of the great benefits of the business community, which has seen the PPL scrapped and a 1.5% taxation cut to small business implemented, based on feedback from the business community.

In Australia, the business community has started to take shape. It’s a place of support and insight that allows members to actively engage and grow; a great example of this is Flying Solo, which provides advice and support to community members to help grow their business.
It is also a place where it’s members have a direct influence on how it operates. Aside from this, there is a shared connection between it’s members. Regardless of which industry you’re in, the business community has a shared experience of innovation and growth across many areas. It only takes a short examination to view the various ways that the business community harbours innovation and growth, whether that is through conferences like the Better Business Summit, established networks like Business Chicks, or news and insights on LinkedIn featured through the ‘Pulse’. All these networks, events, and pieces allow for the business community to share the experience of innovation and growth.

Business owners alike have all disrupted industries in one way or another, they have all had issues with business models. The underlying truth of the shared experience comes from a want to trade and add value in any given industry. Businesses are built on trade whether that is: money, services, labour or knowledge, trade is the underlying thread that sews that binds the business community together. This ability allows for innovative solutions to take place that challenge and disrupt industry practice.

The business community can be hard to define because of it’s members coming from many different industries. My observations define the business community as a unique place where members are active participants sharing insights and advice to like-minded others. It is also a place of influence that has the great ability to directly affect the policy that defines how it operates. To be part of the business community also means to engage in trade and add value to your given industry. It offers the opportunity to be included in one of the most dynamic group of individuals in the country, and to be active in a network of pioneers that shape our future.

Perceptions of Australia, do we whinge too much when we have so much in this lucky country? Wed, 21 Oct 2015 20:46:05 +0000  

As Australians we all know that we live in a lucky country. In the 1960s Donald Horne wrote this very phrase and it has been an iconic Australian saying. Australia is seen as a country that never really experiences hardship, whether that is economic recession, civil revolution or horrific weather conditions and a place where the people don’t feel the brunt of international events. It’s almost as though we have managed to avoid these very real issues. Where does this leave Australians – are we taking everything for granted?
If we dig into our history, we will find that the backbone of the Australian economy is it’s natural resources. The minerals that Australia enjoys has allowed for unprecedented growth throughout the 21st century during the mining boom. Our standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, our health services and education are enviable, and our stability in government (dependent on one’s opinion) has helped Australia grow to become the economic powerhouse it is today. It’s easy to see why Australia is just lucky, due to it’s resources, geographic isolation and relatively cohesive society.

But do we whinge too much about what we don’t have?.

We tend to forget how good we have it when this standard of living becomes normal. Due to our disposable incomes rising and the population consuming more and more, this lead to further capital being pumped back in the economy causing growth. Simple market mechanisms showed that consumer confidence rose prior to the GFC – it was a millennial party for the majority of the population. But when the impacts from Wall Street hit our fair shores, the music seemed to stop and the revolving hordes of people adding to economic growth declined. The government realized that if nothing was done, Australia would of ended up like other countries that still suffer from GFC. It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize the Eurozone isn’t in the best shaped, over half a decade on.

Australians are indeed lucky, but that luck is not the will of fate – it comes from concise planning and innovation. Not purely our mineral resources. The stability we experience now is not akin to the surplus of the earlier part of the 21st Century, but we have managed to evade a deep trauma. But are we still whingers?

The answer to that question is indefinite. Allowing a whole country to have a hang-up on complaining is absurd. The waves at Bondi Beach still lap against the sand, the rains still hammer down in Darwin and awaken the arid centre of Australia with a flourish of flora and fauna. We have university graduates entering into industries and businesses that are changing the world. Our cities are consistently dubbed the most liveable in the world and at the end of the day the stability we have is thanked for, consciously or subconsciously.

The nation of Australia is not a place of whingers, rather it is a place of betterment and innovation with individuals that have hard-work bred into their DNA.



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