Benefits of Membership

The EA Circle is the inside track to stay abreast of the latest tech developments and industry trends that affect members. It enables EAs to connect, share and develop to grow personally and professionally.

Expand Your Circle of Influence

Connectivity is key to the EA Circle’s mission: Not only contacts with whom you can share and depend on as a valued source of information and experience, but also a network to enhance your professional resources and acumen.

Broaden Your Perspective

The exchanges that take place in your confidential Circle can provide a different perspective away from the sometimes narrow view of the office. Get up to speed on new industry trends, the latest tech, processes and policies that affect you and your company.

A Wealth of Experience

Benefit from the hundreds of years of combined experience surrounding you in The EA Circle. Whatever your problem, issue or goal, you can rest assured that someone has been there and dealt with it before, and there will be many solutions for you to build upon.

You Are Not Alone

It can be lonely at the top. The EA Circle exists beyond being a source of insights and information, but as a support group of people in similar professional positions who understand the day-to-day dilemmas of your unique role.

Exclusive Events

Executive and Personal Assistants are an exclusive and influential group, and we recognise this with our exclusive events. It is a chance to step outside the pressure of office life, to relax, reconnect and reflect on what is important while subtly strengthening your personal and professional superpowers.

What Our Members Say

“Having been a PA/EA for over thirty years, I was looking for a group where I could be challenged, learn, grow, and embrace the changing office environment. I have found The EA Circle has provided this for me through meetings held with a group of dynamic assistants, who are highly skilled and dedicated to their professions. The meetings are always fruitful and tailored to provide a great atmosphere for honest discussions and strong support to each member. I would highly recommend The EA Circle to any senior assistant who is looking for that next step in challenging themselves and developing their status in the corporate world.”
“As an EA to the CEO of a large corporation, my job is often a very lonely place. The EA Circle has proved invaluable for me as a forum where I can exchange ideas, confidentially discuss any issues that might be on my mind and get insights and suggestions from other EAs in the same or similar position. The meetings are always inspiring and energising.”
“I am so happy and proud to be a member of The EA Circle. Our group is so diverse and come from very different businesses, and yet, we all understand and can relate to every conversation. I look so forward to our meetings and I always walk away with a new piece of information to enable me to do my job better. From day one I felt like I had known these EA’s “forever” and each of us brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience along with friendly and welcoming personalities.”
“The EA Circle is a fantastic forum that enables me to share my thoughts and ideas with some of the highest calibre Executive Assistants. The women in my circle have become my confidents and friends and I thoroughly look forward to attending each and every meeting. The Circle also gives me the opportunity to hear from thought-leaders across many relevant industries/specialisations who offer first class experiences and theories that I can then take with me and put into back in the office.”
“The EA Circle is such a great environment where you can securely discuss your role with peers. The feedback and sense of understanding is so valuable, as well as being heard by others that understand the EA role and the complexities that are involved. I get a real sense of support and energy from my EA Circle meetings and don’t want to miss any of them.”
“I have really gained a lot out of my EA Circle membership – much more than I ever expected. It is extremely beneficial to hear of the challenges the other members of the group face each month and how they work through these challenges. The group has a really nice mix of personalities from a variety of industries. We have had some excellent guest speakers and I really look forward to our regular meetings.”
“The EA Circle is a fantastic professional development experience. In my role at work, I don’t have someone that fully comprehends the nuances of my role, with whom I might discuss ideas, achievements or hard questions. The EA Circle provides an opportunity to be encouraged by other EAs in a friendly and completely confidential environment. I highly appreciate the learnings I have gained from both guest speakers and from the other EAs. It motivates me to explore new ways of working and implement helpful initiatives in my life, my role and my company.”
“The EA Circle has been an invaluable experience for me. The environment is relaxed and welcoming, providing everyone with the opportunity to speak confidentially about their experiences, in order to seek solutions on particular issues from an unbiased and supportive viewpoint.”
“Each EA is unique, you have to be all things to all people. The EA Circle provides you with the opportunity to briefly remove yourself from your world, something that many of us struggle to do. It allows you to share experiences and challenges, discuss and learn from others who are in similar situations. A great network of support.”
“When I first joined The EA Circle I was part of a not-for-profit company. Initially I was slightly intimidated at the thought of discussing development topics with “corporate” EAs. However my nerves were quickly dispelled – The EA Circle is a friendly environment and I quickly discovered it was about mutually edifying each other through discussing relevant topics and raising practical questions and issues from our work experience. When I transitioned into a different role in a corporate environment, The EA Circle provided me with encouragement and confidence, and I have used the learnings I’ve gained to implement helpful initiatives in my life, my role and my company.”